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Knowing how much Mom liked Michael Stern I knew his book would be honest -- and it is. I Had A Ball is full of stories no one but Michael would know. His friendship with Mom is evident on every page. A good read. Thank you Michael
-- Desi Arnaz Jr.            

Michael's memories are my memories, only clearer. What a talent for details! It was very moving for me to relive so much of our lives through Michael's eyes. Very entertaining. Charming. And, more importantly, true. As Mom wrote on one of her photos to him, 'Happy Thoughts'.
-- Lucie Arnaz                    

Hi! My name is Michael SternBack in 1971 I was fortunate enough to see Lucille Ball, live and in-person in glorious living Technicolor, at a filming of "Here's Lucy". I was only ten years old but that studio visit literally changed my life.  Over the next few years I was lucky enough to be in her presence and her audience on four more occasions.   I would sit, absolutely enthralled, in Lucy's in-person audience, totally smitten with the lady and her charms and her talents.  Little did I know she would soon become an incredibly important part of my life.

And then Lucy said, "...

In 1974, after having enjoyed a number of occasions in her company, Lucille Ball remarked for the first time that I was her number one fan. Wow! Was I surprised, honored and proud!  It was a verbal honor she was later to repeat and on the air, when she guested on an episode of "America Alive."

In the late 1970's the famous redhead's maternal instinct surfaced, and she took me aside, telling me to stay in school and get a job.  So I went about getting my first after-school job working in the linen section of a local department store.  Within a few months, you'll never believe who came in, totally astonishing my fellow employees -- and the bosses -- and bringing her old film pal and partner, Mary Wickes, along to check on me, feel the goods and do some shopping!

And did I say she changed my life?  That very day, Lucy also invited me to visit her home on Beverly Hills' Roxbury Drive to play backgammon.  While I confessed I knew very little about the game, she said she would gladly teach it to me.  A thousand games later, I can honestly say that Lucille Ball was a very good instructor, not only regarding the game, but also life itself. (But you did have to watch her closely when it came to scoring.)

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I Had a Ball by Micheal Stern

Today, 40 years after that first meeting with the world's number one Queen of Comedy, I've finally decided to write the story of our time together and share my memories of one of the most remarkable stars in entertainment history.  My new book titled I Had A Ball: My Friendship with Lucille Ball is available now for purchase.

The year 2011 was an important year as it marked the 100 anniversary of Lucy's birth (Aug 6, 1911), 60th anniversary of "I Love Lucy" (October 15, 1951) and the 40th anniversary of the day I saw Lucy in person (Oct 28, 1971).

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Click Here to watch me on the Marie Show with Marie Osmond.

The show aired on Monday, April 29th on the Hallmark Channel.

Fox 31 Denver Here is the clip of my appearane on the "Everyday" show on Fox 31 in Denver Colorado on April 27th, 2012.


I am a guest judge on Food Network's Cupcake Wars: I Love Lucy 60th Anniversary.  Four cupcake bakers vie for a place at the star-studded celebration of the 60th anniversary of "I Love Lucy".

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Lucy & Michael

Marie Osmond as Lucy

Lucy in full color

KTLA 5 News

This is an interview I did on KTLA News Los Angeles on August 28, 2011.

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