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In 1971 I was fortunate enough to see Lucille Ball, live and in-person in glorious living Technicolor, at a filming of "Here's Lucy". I was only ten years old but that studio visit literally changed my life. Over the next few years I was lucky enough to be in her presence and her audience on four more occasions. I would sit, absolutely enthralled, in Lucy's in-person audience, totally smitten with the lady and her charms and her talents.  Little did I know she would soon become an incredibly important part of my life.

The Lucy Fan


Now Available.  The revised edition of my book, I Had a Ball - My Friendship with Lucille Ball, with the forward by Florence Henderson.

I have enjoyed working on this book and remembering all of the times I shared with Lucy and other Hollywood stars including Carol Burnett, Betty White, Joan Rivers and Lucy's co-stars.

Knowing how much Mom liked Michael Stern I knew his book would be honest -- and it is. I Had A Ball is full of stories no one but Michael would know. His friendship with Mom is evident on every page. A good read. Thank you Michael. 
        -- Desi Arnaz Jr.     

I've known Michael Stern since he was a little boy - and I know Lucy was so fond and proud of him all those years. Michael was always helping people, volunteering for good causes, and stayed in school which Lucy had told him he should be doing with his life.  I'm proud of him, too, and consider him among my best friends. I've read his book and besides being a good read I know it is all true as well because I was there. Congratulations, Michael.
             - With love, Wanda Clark
             Lucy's personal Secretary for 28 years

Book Cover new 2016.jpg

Michael's memories are my memories, only clearer. What a talent for details! It was very moving for me to relive so much of our lives through Michael's eyes. Very entertaining. Charming. And, more importantly, true. As Mom wrote on one of her photos to him, 'Happy Thoughts'. 

       -- Lucie Arnaz     

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