In 1971 I was fortunate enough to see Lucille Ball, live and in-person in glorious living Technicolor, at a filming of "Here's Lucy". I was only ten years old but that studio visit literally changed my life. Over the next few years I was lucky enough to be in her presence and her audience on four more occasions. I would sit, absolutely enthralled, in Lucy's in-person audience, totally smitten with the lady and her charms and her talents.  Little did I know she would soon become an incredibly important part of my life.

The Lucy Fan


I recently appeared on the Fun Sparkle Drama show on TV Santa Barbara.


In this episode of Fun Sparkle Drama, Nico and Nina chat about those iconic and memorable I Love Lucy moments. Special guest Lucille Ball's #1 Official fan and author of "I Had A Ball" Michael Stern comes on the show to reminisce about his memories and friendship with the legendary queen of comedy! 

Please check out a review of the new release of my book I Had a Ball - My Friendship with Lucille Ball on the See California web site.


From the article:

This is a rare insight into the remarkable comedian and actor, who can still be seen in TV reruns as Lucy Ricardo. You'll learn about the devoted family members and people around her who helped make her a success; how she helped numerous charities; taught college courses; wrote books and interacted with others in her professional and private lives.