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In 1974, after having enjoyed a number of occasions in her company, Lucille Ball remarked for the first time that I was her number one fan. Wow! Was I surprised, honored and proud!  It was a verbal honor she was later to repeat and on the air, when she guested on an episode of "America Alive."


In the late 1970's the famous redhead's maternal instinct surfaced, and she took me aside, telling me to stay in school and get a job.  So I went about getting my first after-school job working in the linen section of a local department store.  Within a few months, you'll never believe who came in, totally astonishing my fellow employees -- and the bosses -- and bringing her old film pal and partner, Mary Wickes, along to check on me, feel the goods and do some shopping!


And did I say she changed my life?  That very day, Lucy also invited me to visit her home on Beverly Hills' Roxbury Drive to play backgammon.  While I confessed I knew very little about the game, she said she would gladly teach it to me.  A thousand games later, I can honestly say that Lucille Ball was a very good instructor, not only regarding the game, but also life itself. (But you did have to watch her closely when it came to scoring.)


I enjoy hearing from Lucy fans all over the world.  To find out more about me and my life with Lucy, please read my book. Go to the Buy Book page to puchase your copy.





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